Virtual Vacant Property Realtor

Project Description

Our product is a user experience that facilitates the acquisition of vacant properties in PA communities. The user experience combines three elements, they are: one, a Virtual Vacant Property Realtor user interface, which assists consumer identify a property; two, the Vacant Property Academy which assists consumers plan and apply for their vacant property acquisition and enjoy a community of support; three, a Community Real Estate Co-op, which provides technical assistance to consumers and entrepreneurs in the acquisition, rehabilitation and finance of their project.

Combined these three elements assist municipalities expedite the re-utilization of vacant properties. It also connects people vested in improving the community directly to a property. Finally, it can mitigate speculative real estate conditions, which can displace modest income and minority households.

Who Benefits?

Although, the end beneficiaries are consumers or entrepreneurs who take control of the property, the VVPR creates benefits for the borough by bringing properties back on-line and generating economic and social benefits for the community. In PA there are many communities with vacant and underutilized properties due to the loss of manufacturing centers. Property owners have abandoned them and most are tax delinquent undermining a town's or boroguh's viability.