Our flagship product, the TrashBot, uses advanced robotics and artificial intelligence to sort recyclables from landfill waste at the point of disposal – all while providing useful feedback to the user.

Project Description

TrashBot is the first and only waste bin that sorts your waste into recycling and landfill streams. It is also the first and only waste bin that gives feedback to the user to educate them on proper recycling practices. It is unique in that we have made a receptacle that COSTS THE SAME as standard stainless steel trash cans and utilizes our own advanced AI to recognize what an item of waste is and how to sort it correctly.

Who Benefits?

High foot traffic facilities , who will benefit economically from the improved yield of high-quality recyclables, as well as access to waste analytics and metrics. The public, who will benefit through the feedback and education we will provide, as well as a more sustainable system for managingwaste.