New Empowered Reentry Advice (New ERA) @ Reentry412

Project Description

The basic concept behind New Empowered Reentry Advice (New ERA @ Reentry412) started within prison walls by men who understood the resource lists available while incarcerated are inadequate and often outdated. Instead, a website should be created where this information should be maintained and updated regularly so people can easily access this information when they return to the community.

This idea quickly became an app so it could be accessible on a mobile device; however, there is a high likelihood the New ERA App will be a web-based portal/website which will not be an application per se but instead is a website designed with particular attention to the mobile interface.

The primary function of the New ERA App will be organizing and listing community resources in Allegheny County, allowing users to filter by zip code/address or current location. New ERA also hopes to engage individuals who utilize these services and receive feedback, criticism and recommendations for improvements (like Yelp for services). In addition to having community resources listed and vetted, New ERA intends to have a separate page as a dedicated community calendar. Together, these resource collections will accomplish Step Two of Reenty412’s primary initiative: the Corrective Action Process to Alleviate the Effects Mass Incarceration (see:

The New ERA team decided not to enter into a development contract where the intellectual property rights would go to an individual company, because we believe this program/app will be successful beyond Allegheny County and the web platform or intellectual property should be shared for low or no cost. We’d like every major metro area to have a New ERA platform of their own. The Allegheny County version of this larger project will be New ERA sponsored by Reentry412.

Since October of 2017, Reentry412 has been hosting Leadership Development Groups in various community locations (list if we have words left?). This open monthly meeting builds on shared experiences and highlights the strengths individuals possess to overcome incarceration and reintegration. This educational & networking event is hosted by professionals who've overcome incarceration (see Step 1 of our Corrective Action Process to Alleviate the Effects Mass Incarceration:

New ERA isn’t just a cool concept or simple technological solution, it is a commitment to working with and for individuals and communities affected by systemic bias, systematic racism and mass incarceration. Ideally, Reentry 412 will (eventually) move from a volunteer run organization to employ formerly incarcerated individuals as Empowered Reentry Advocates who can provide peer support and mentoring to individuals experiencing life post-incarceration.

Please help us accomplish Step 2 of our Corrective Action Process to Alleviate the Effects Mass Incarceration and empower people returning to Allegheny County from jail or prison!

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Who Benefits?

By providing an interactive internet platform to search local services and community offerings for or available to individuals looking for services or informal supports navigating society post-incarceration, this product will help individuals who have been incarcerated, arrested, or have loved ones with criminal records directly. Further, the new ERA app will assist the nonprofit community and support the employees at agencies with intentional services for ex-offenders and general service providers alike. By organizing, vetting, and updating u0022the listu0022 of services passed around prisons, jails and in the community, New ERA will provide current information on services so providers are not contacted for programs they no longer have. This will reduce re-entry burn out caused by consistent rejection and improve an individual’s chances of connecting with meaningful and worthwhile resources.