Jump Credit: Credit Counseling Software

Project Description

We're using software to remove the barriers from offering credit counseling. Traditionally for a non-profit organization to offer credit counseling, they must hire trained credit counselors, have a 15-minute one-on-one session with a client, and must pay a few dollars per client to purchase their credit report. Although many non-profit organizations and city governments would like to offer credit counseling, they are often prevented from doing so due to financial and time constraints.

With our software, an organization can offer their clients personalized credit advice for free in under 5 minutes. Our software analyzes a client’s credit report and automatically outputs a personalized action plan for the client. We make the credit report easy-to-understand, removing the financial jargon and highlighting the important information.

We distribute our software through non-profit organizations and city governments as they already interact with the people that could benefit the most from credit advice. With our software, every organization in the country can help their clients understand their credit situation and know the path to a better credit score.

Who Benefits?

Our target users are the tens of millions of low-income and economically vulnerable consumers nationwide that have bad or no credit.