ESL Assistant

Project Description

This product is focused on initially helping students of free ESL programs taught in the city of Pittsburgh, such as GPLC and Allegheny Intermediate Unit and in some churches as well.

Currently, these programs do not have any digital tools that allow students to review the material seen in classes. The support material that is delivered to the students is on paper. For this reason, it is proposed the development of a mobile application that allows students easy access to the material they have seen in class. This could improve the performance of students in the assessment tests that, for example, the Allegheny Intermediate Unit performs on their students.

The application would have a module of vocabulary, grammar, idioms, and videos.

The application could evaluate the students with exercises about grammar for example, whose results could be consulted by the teachers. This would help the teachers to identify the lack or weaknesses of the students and help them to provide better assistance.

The idea of ​​the application is to have a tool that helps to continue learning English outside of the classroom.

The application should be easy to use taking into consideration that the range of possible users is wide.

Who Benefits?

Immigrant English students in free programs such as GPLC (Greater Pittsburgh Literacy Council) and Allegheny Intermediate Unit or churches.