C.C. Busy

Project Description

C.C. Busy automates the documentation of daily activities for a child in care, saving providers time, freeing them to provide more attention to children, facilitating compliance with state regulations and delivering key information to parents. Our product integrates with voice assistants to give providers a conversation-based interface to record each child’s key activities. The software translates these conversations into log entries that parents can access via mobile or desktop and view in real time.

This intuitive new conversational interface ultimately improves the care environment and better supports a child’s development. Because our co-founders build upon their deep understanding of the field, we’re laser-focused on facilitating the simple and powerful interactions between the child and provider. Beyond developing software, we have developed a comprehensive plan that helps providers understand both the administrative and curricular value of adopting a voice assistant, including professional development to allow providers to meet state training requirements. C.C. Busy’s leadership introduces new technologies to a field wary of change but hungry for better tools.

Who Benefits?

We are developing for and targeting our technology to home-based child care providers, which are predominantly owned and operated by women. The technology is particularly useful to licensed providers (219 in Allegheny County, 3204 in Pennsylvania, approximately 118,000 nationwide) who serve children whose working parents lead households below 200% of the poverty level, qualifying them for child care subsidy. Subsidized child care has a higher regulatory burden and C.C. Busy is built to help providers automate documentation to better comply with regulation. While our focus is on home-based child care providers, C.C. Busy can be used in any care environment where the child’s daily activities are logged. When C.C. Busy automates processes for family child care providers, children and their parents living in poverty benefit. By delivering information to a parent’s fingertips, C.C. Busy facilitates communication between the provider and parent, improving the quality of the child’s experience. When parents better understand a child’s daily activities and developmental milestones, the child benefits. The founders of C.C. Busy, longtime residents of Pittsburgh who met through the region’s early childhood education community, are using their deep networks within Southwestern Pennsylvania to support and grow the product and the business. C.C. Busy’s initial development and testing will begin in this region, but our plans are to expand our offerings throughout Pennsylvania and then rollout to other states, eventually being available nationally and even internationally.