‘Autonomous’, is a safety system that monitors one’s physiological data to confirm and communicate if the user is in a threatening situation.

Project Description

Hera Global Tech’s foundation is the understanding that in threatening situations people have little time to react, or seek help. Crafting systems for personal safety is our service and our product is ‘Autonomous.’ This context driven safety solution uses bio-technology and machine learning that customizes to each individual user. The uniqueness of the Autonomous system is that it is intuitive and does not require one to press a button, find a phone or wear an accessory (ring, watch) to send an alert. Autonomous is 1) a wearable that: monitors select physiology, such as pulse, and skin temperature; communicates with its 2) phone app - that determines if the user needs help, and if so, sends a pre-configured text message, that includes the user’s location, to the user’s identified social network. Autonomous informs the wearer of its communication by vibrations. Pressing a button cancels the alert if no help necessary.

Who Benefits?

Autonomous can be applied to multiple user groups and scenarios. Presently, Hera Global Tech is working with two user groups in and around Pittsburgh including 1) individuals who are being treated for substance abuse; and 2) victims of domestic abuse or violence.