Project Description

Providers must begin to embrace forthcoming mega change to outcome-based payer reimbursement models. Data & Peer Analytics can drive rapid improvement in outcomes, increase service delivery (volume/quality), increase revenue and increase service to unserved populations across the US.

Who Benefits?

Based on our research of reported providers using specific EHR’s, there are over 10,000 Behavioral Health providers in the US. AnalyticsRx has already integrated Qualifacts, Netsmart and Best Notes EHR’s into our data warehouse representing a combined initial target market of approximately 7,000 organizations or 70% of the market. There are numerous Behavioral Health and Social Service Organizations in Western PA, such as Milestone Centers, Chartiers, Turtle Creek Valley and Beacon Light. PAI conducts bi-monthly Analytics Rx system admin meetings to engage these providers in the design, testing and new dashboard development priorities. In addition, PAI performs on-going consulting work with these providers to assist in the deployment and use of our data analytic management tools. PAI, working with the Allegheny County Department of Human Services, is finalizing an automated provider EHR demographics data extract and upload to the County CIPS database. This is a first-in-kind development to keep the County system in-sync with the provider consumer change of demographics and diagnoses. PAI will be reaching out to the additional Allegheny County providers to offer this solution. Lastly, PAI will provide the opportunity for Allegheny County Behavioral Health providers to participate in our upcoming Peer-to-Peer benchmarking that will reveal Best-in-Class performance levels and the Best-Practices that drive them.