A New Reality to Fight Blight

Project Description

Our communities were the home to the factories that built America, but over the last 30 years they have faced a precipitous decline in jobs and people. This has transformed our once proud main streets into clusters of blight.

Our people are strong and fiercely proud of their communities and we won’t go down without a fight and we have a plan to fight blight.

We want to use augmented reality to reverse blight, by using the technology to show what blight can become. We will overlay photos and stories of the past of a blighted building or empty lot. We will also overlay photos, video and other pertinent material to show what the space could become to create an immersive experience that will spark the creativity and imagination of the visitor.

We believe that this experience will lead the individual to see our communities in a different way, spur business start ups (we have corresponding resources to help start ups) and begin to gradually reclaim our main streets.

Who Benefits?

The resilient residents that have weathered the 30 year decline in the Mon Valley