Two Competitions

We are looking for ideas and solutions that will improve nonprofit service delivery and/or the lives of vulnerable populations in southwestern Pennsylvania through impactful technology.

Impactful Technology

In an age of virtual reality and hyper-personalized advertising, new advances in technology appear to be everywhere. But are these new technologies being used in ways that benefit the ones who need solutions the most?

For individuals, technology can connect us to those we love, provide us with life-changing information, and change the way we experience the world. For nonprofit organizations, technology can strengthen and further their missions, leading to a bigger impact on the people and communities they serve. But too often technology becomes a barrier – too expensive and too complicated – for the people and organizations who need it the most.

Great Ideas Competition: Impactful Technology

March 1, 2018 - April 15, 2018
Showcase event & winner announcement on June 6, 2018
All great solutions start with an idea! We are looking for innovative ideas that leverage technology. In this competition you don’t need to have a team in place. What you do need is an idea that, with the proper team in place, could be developed within 18 months.

Great Solutions Competition: Impactful Technology

May 7, 2018 - June 21, 2018
Showcase event & winner announcement on October 11, 2018
This competition is targeting entrepreneurs, researchers, startups and existing companies in southwestern Pennsylvania that have developed a prototype, an existing product or service. In this competition, we are looking for innovations that can make a difference within 18 months.

Where do I fall?

We are looking for innovative ideas and products that leverage technology to improve the operations of nonprofits and/or the lives of vulnerable populations in southwestern Pennsylvania.

If you’re not sure which competition you are eligible for, we have you covered! This quick assessment will help you figure that out.


  1. Idea stage
  2. You may not have a team
  3. Can be developed in 18 months


  1. Existing company
  2. Have a prototype or working product
  3. Can be scaled in 18 months