Past Competitions

Learn about the history of the UpPrize competition and past submissions.


This UpPrize cycle applicants had two challenge areas they could apply for:

Impactful Technology (sponsored by BNY Mellon) - Products and solutions that will improve nonprofit service delivery and/or the lives of vulnerable populations in Southwestern PA.

Healthy Food (sponsored by Bridgeway Capital) - Products and services that will increase access to healthy and nutritional choices for vulnerable and underserved populations.

2017 awards included $600,000 in grants and investments.


This UpPrize cycle applicants submitted products and solutions that improved nonprofit service delivery and/or the lives of vulnerable populations in southwestern Pennsylvania. There were 3 focus areas:

Independence - What products might better equip people to be caretakers of themselves and their neighbors? From wearable devices and mobile applications to well designed more-traditional products, we believe great products can empower people to better care for themselves and those around them.

Access- What products might reduce physical barriers to accessing care and opportunity? Increasingly, people are becoming more and more separated from the services that could improve their lives. Whether through distance, physical ability, transportation challenges, or information access - these barriers prevent individuals and families from accessing care and opportunity.

Coordination - What products might help multiple organizations better coordinate how they distribute goods and services? In our increasingly interconnected communities, integrating the work of different organizations is essential to supporting the people they serve.

2015 awards included grants and investments, as well as additional benefits and support that totaled in excess of $1 million. This included $800,000 in grants and investments from BNY Mellon and the BNY Mellon Foundation of Southwestern Pennsylvania.